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Dr Meredith is board certified by The Institute of Functional Medicine and has focused on optimal wellness within her practice of Functional Medicine since 2017. Prior to this she provided both Primary Care and Infectious Disease expertise in the Triangle for over 20 years. Her passions in the realm of wellness include autoimmunity and healing from concussion.

With an undergraduate degree…Clinical Microbiology. Her training and certification in Clinical Microbiology, combined with an understanding of “optimal” levels in contrast to “normal” levels, give her a unique perspective on the use of lab testing to optimize wellness and performance.

Doctor’s Corner
You can get tips from Dr Meredith in the latest issue of F and P as well as our website blog. Feel free to send questions to Dr Meredith via the Email below. She will address questions in her ongoing Doctor’s Corner segment of our monthly magazine.

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    • Critical care


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