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Spiced Pilates with Amber Flowers


Spiced Pilates with Amber Flowers

I am overjoyed to connect with you! Here’s a bit about me. I’m from Durham, NC and I’ve been an athlete basically forever. From track, cheer, and being a dancer over 20 years, wellness has always been a part of my life. Honestly, being a fitness trainer for sure was destined.

I found Pilates while dancing professionally for the Charlotte Hornets. I actually started off Managing a Boutique Pilates studio. So grateful because that job allowed me to relocate to Atlanta, and now to Los Angeles. I noticed the lack of representation in the Pilates community and knew something needed to be changed. From not feeling a sense of belonging, to being the only person of color in class, and the dry music to get me through the workout. Ya girl has 2 Certifications in both Classical and Contemporary Pilates. With that, I have over 700 hours of comprehensive training. Read more

.Spiced Pilates with Amber Flowers

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